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WWE Legends of WrestleMania Mobile Game

wwe legends of wrestlemania

WWE Legends of WrestleMania Mobile Game



Platform: Java
Screen: 176×208, 240×320, 320×240, 352×416
Size: 1,86 MB
Download link: s

WWE Legends of WrestleMania

Players are invited to relive the best moments from the first 15 years of WrestleMania in the mobile game. WrestleMania is the longest running entertainment event on television relating to the field of sports and now players will be able to experience the glorious moments on the mobile platform.

Featuring 10 playable superstars, a career mode, exhibition matches and a create-a-wrestler feature, WWE Legends of Wrestlemania is the total package for all your wrestling game, mobile needs. In WWE Legends of WrestleMania, gamers can play as any one of 10 legendary WWE Superstars while they bounce about in the ring reliving the events that actually happened or go about making their own destiny. The game features unique moves from the wrestlers and players can tease their opponents with a variety of taunts in the Exhibition mode. Players are afforded the choice of even customizing their own character to challenge the wrestling greats in the ring in career mode.

Mobile game WWE Legends of WrestleMania offers WWE fans something totally unique by allowing them to battle it out as their favourite Superstars.

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